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Book Therapy

Reading and writing have always been two loves of mine. I've always enjoyed writing stories and reading books which took me to different worlds. My shelves are crammed with books from childhood to adulthood and journals filled with half-finished stories.

A goal of my writing has always been to heal and inspire. So when I discovered Bibliotherapy, a form of art therapy that focuses on leveraging the power of stories to heal, I was immediately intrigued. 


If you love stories, poetry, personal development and journaling as a therapeutic activity, then this bibliotherapy course is designed to help you use it as personal therapy or as a foundation to becoming a bibliotherapist.

I completed this course, and after a year or so, I became inspired to create an interactive course which combines bibliotherapy and writing therapy so that individuals can cultivate and live a more richer life.


Because of this course I've discovered a way to weave my love of creativity, story-telling and journaling into a therapeutic safe space. Not only does it help you to connect with yourself but unveils answers to problems that are often buried deep within ourselves.

*This page contains an affiliate link. I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you!

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