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Image by Steve Johnson

A Peaceful Place

A peaceful place is a combination of different things which bring us a sense of calm, relaxation, mindfulness and joy. It helps us to approach difficult seasons in our lives from a place of peace and not anxiety.

Below is my personal recipe of activities that lead me into my peaceful place. A place where I can say 'No' to anxiety & 'Yes' to 'Peace'.

Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Steve Johnson

Creating is something that brings me peace & joy. There is often not enough hours in the day to create everything I want to. There is often a flow of time when I'm within the process. There can be pain points in the process too but the joy of the process far outweighs this.


Anxiety has often stopped me from creating and releasing my designs but now I use my creativity to overcome anxiety. Giving my creativity a deeper purpose - to uplift, heal and inspire - has given me a greater drive that surpasses any anxious thoughts or feelings.


Music is one of the best ways I add peace to my day. Whether as part of a meditative morning routine, or as background mood music while I create designs, it changes the whole atmosphere.

Finding music and creating a custom playlist for different activities always helps me to enter into a peaceful place.


Prayer is the most important way I invite peace into my life and into the lives of others.

It has often been hard to be intentional about my prayer life in difficult seasons but creating my own prayer journal has helped me to create a new way to do prayer.

Image by Steve Johnson
Image by Steve Johnson

I enjoy using Pinterest to pull together different boards filled with inspiration. I love pinning beautiful art and encouraging quotes.

Pinterest boards.PNG
Writing & Reading

These have always been two loves of mine. 

I have now stepped out of my comfort zone and into the world of blogging. Something that was an idea for years but I never knew how to start.

My reading habits have definitely changed over the years. I now find myself reading more inspirational stories and personal development articles. I love reading about how individuals have overcome obstacles, outgrown limiting beliefs and are living a fulfilling life.

"A peaceful place doesn't only have to be at home. It can be wherever you are."

Jen - OnlyPeaceInMind
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