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Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Week in the Life Started Yesterday!!

May 12, 2020

For all those who follow Ali Edwards, you will know what Week in the Life is. And this year, I am excited to be following along. I have done this project several times in the past and always love it. I do a number of projects throughout the year but most enjoy this one and December Daily. This is a chance to get a snapshot of life right now and I love documenting the details of everyday life for a week.

So here's Mondays recap.

Up at 5:30 this morning per normal on a Monday. I work this afternoon and like getting an early start on the day. Coffee first thing while catching up on emails. This morning I was doing some research on supplements. Navan Global Zeolite in particular. The product I was researching is called Navan Daily Detox Plus and is a "micronized zeolite solution that helps support the body's ability to naturally capture and eliminated toxic heavy metals and toxins" (per their website). But this was only part of the research I am doing right now. I also placed an order with Biotics, my supplements company, for a few of my supplements as well as one for a neighbor. I have been doing quite a bit of research on supplements and how they interact with the body so I can refer or recommend them to my FNTP clients. And it's fascinating, just fascinating. I think I might be a research nerd! 

Also did a few fun things, like check Ali's website for any new posts!

After coffee, I got a shower and went walking with Kevin. Three times a week we walk about four miles together. We started this ages ago and have continued now for a few years. This morning it was 40 degrees. I think Ohio didn't get the memo that it is spring...

After walking, I got down to business. I have to meet with my practice client tomorrow for my final class meeting, and I have to make sure all of my documentation is in order. I have to review last visit and come up with my plan for tomorrow's visit. There is a lot of paperwork to fill out and a lot of stuff to review before we meet. I would like to keep this meeting to 45 minutes and thus have to do a lot of prep work. I have her new NAQ out with all of the Nutri-Q information and have to look up all of the symptoms up in my book to know the things I should check with the FCA/LNT. I am going to have to do this a lot in my practice so need to get used to it and A LOT FASTER!! Oh well, the more I do it, the faster and better I will get at it.

Came downstairs after about an hour of work to find Kyle in his usual spot in the morning. Here with his phone and a Netflix show on. Usually it's The Office. He has watched that series about 20 times through he thinks. Even I know just about all the episodes now! But I think he has started a new show now. He'll end up back at The Office though, because he always does. He gets up and fixes himself scrambled eggs for breakfast and adds two pop tarts. Then lays down on the couch with the TV on and catches up on his phone. As mundane as it is, this is real life right now. And I am glad for the noise and personality and humor that he brings into everyday life.

After studying for awhile, we ate lunch together, and I headed off to work. I work at Mason Chiropractic Resource Center right now as an assistant to the chiropractor there. I take notes and do therapy and go over exercises and stretches with patients. I have started a nutrition business but haven't really been able to market it due to Corona (will get into that whole thing another day). Now that we are all back to work, I have been handing out business brochures hoping to start building a  client base. I am so excited about this new chapter. I have been looking for a way to help people beyond just exercise because there is so much more to it than that, and I think this will fit perfectly. I  know this will be a long road and a business that will take awhile to build, but I need to just keep pushing forward into and through any anxiety and fear. I didn't take any pictures at work today because we were so busy that I didn't have time. Also felt kind of awkward taking pictures at work...Got home tonight about 6:45 which is pretty late. Normally it's about 6:00 - 6:15 but doc had a new patient at 4:30 (normally we only take them at 9am and 2pm) which put us way behind.

Kevin and I are going to see Billy Joel this September (!!!) so I have found a few best of playlists on Spotify. This made the drive to and from work a joy. I haven't listened to his music in awhile and forgot HOW MUCH I LOVE IT. Piano Man, Downeaster Alexa, And So It Goes (my two favorites), Leningrad, New York State of Mind. There are so many that I love. CAN'T WAIT to see him in person. So looking forward to that.

Kevin went to the grocery for me today as he is home more often than me now. And as you can tell by the fridge, I think he bought out the store! He spent $222.13. He did buy some extra meat to throw in the freezer to use later but still! I am so appreciative of him doing this because I hate going to the grocery store. I usually set a timer when I go in for about a half an hour just to challenge myself to get out quickly. So it was much appreciated even if it did cost $200!

Tonight is leftovers night. I cooked several meals last week so tonight we ate all the leftovers. With both of them home right now, we go through quite a bit of food. I try to cook several meals a week so that we can have leftovers for lunch or dinner but its hard to keep up. Three meals a day. Three eaters.  Lots of eggs, lunchmeat, meat and cooking. Frankly, I get tired of standing in the kitchen. But I get some help from Kyle and Kevin. They help with prep sometimes, and the other day, I even had Kyle cooking in my Instant Pot for me while I was cooking another dish!. Such a sport that one! He also does all of the dishes after dinner. Those little things make it more enjoyable and less of a chore.

After dinner tonight, we settled in with a glass of wine to watch Jack Ryan on Prime. I liked the first season but it had a few weird subplots going on. This season is much better. We are on episode 5 out of 8, so kind of bummed we are almost done! 

And that is the END OF DAY 1 OF WITL!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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