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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week In The Life Day 6 Saturday

May 16, 2020

I don't have a lot of pictures from today as the Mexican food last night did not sit well, and I felt ill most of the day. So I spent most of it sitting in front of the TV. But that's part of everyday life too. Here's the lens "Saturdays are for...".

Saturdays are for waking up late and stopping to look at the warmth in my bedroom from the light and having the curtains closed.

Saturdays are for looking in the sink at the glasses from margaritas last night and seeing the reflection of the light through the water. Looks pretty.

Saturdays are for relaxing in front of the TV under the blanket. Sometimes you just have to go with not feeling good and recognize it as a sign to just rest and relax. Take a break.

Substitute image of Suits (can't put in bc of copyright)

Saturdays are for watching several episodes of Suits. We have been watching this series for a long time (like maybe 5-6 years?) and this is a good opportunity to binge watch and finish up.

Saturdays are for wonderfully delicious and juicy oranges. Ah so good.

Saturdays are for lounging (still) in from of the TV for naps. We turned off Suits because I kept falling asleep. Ha.

Saturdays are for easy meals and easy cleanup, especially when not feeling good. Although Kyle does most of the cleanup these days. And tonight it was Chic-Fil-A. Nuggets and fries for me. Don't do this very often but tonight it sounded really good.

Saturdays are for going by a piece of property on our way to Chic-Fil-A. We couldn't get a good look at it as it was behind a gate, but drove by all the same. 

Saturdays are for enjoying the fact that Kyle is home and brings with him a lot of humor, laughter and joy. Boy, I missed him when he was at college. Only one more year then graduation :( I will be so happy and sad when that time comes. Also I have support for the wonky things my husband does and won't admit, like blaming the computer for something that he does. It's not user error, it's the computer. Or blaming the FitBit for not working right when he was the one that didn't end the workout. Insert eye roll! So love that aspect of having him home too :)

Insert another image of Suits. 

Yep, Saturdays are for still watching...and still loving this series.

I didn't take any more pictures today. Too tired and went to bed early. Have a great night!

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