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Friday, May 15, 2020

Week In The Life Day 4 Thursday

May 14, 2020

Welcome to my Day 4 in Week in the Life. I was at work most of the day today so I took fewer pictures but am including some thoughts on life today. The lens today is "Today I...". Here we go.

Today I was up at 5:15 because I have to leave for work at 8:15, which to most people would be weird that I get up so early for that. But I drink coffee for maybe half hour to an hour depending on what I'm doing. Then workout for 45 minutes. Then breakfast which takes 15-20 minutes. Then shower, makeup and hair for 45 minutes. Then hopefully, if I have time, my Bible study for the day for 20 minutes. Add all of that together and my morning is pretty busy. Tight time schedule people!

Today I am fixing my hair. I haven't been doing that much because of quarantine, and just being tired of fixing it. I have been pony tailing it up lately.

Today I got to work a little late as my husband and I got into a serious discussion this morning that I wanted to finish before heading to work. That tight time schedule got interrupted today. Ha. 

This morning at work was very busy with two new patients (one of whom took 2 hours which is very unusual) and a lot of exams and paperwork. Busy, busy, busy. Lunch at noon and some much needed relax and rest time before a busy afternoon. If you look closely at my iPad you will see I was looking at Ali Edwards words for Wednesday. I also read my book for quite a while. Ah, quiet and peaceful back in the break room.

Today I have to work the desk for an hour before I go back to helping Dr. Slater. Normal hours are all screwed up from all of the coronavirus stuff. We have been off on Tuesday and Friday, and Amber normally works the desk on Thursday. But she is home with the kids due to quarantine and can't come in. Weird times these are. 

Today I am very thankful for people who are willing to adjust their schedule to help out others. Today Gina agreed to come in and run the front desk for Amber. Appreciate her.

Today I am glad to have Ashley who is such a light-hearted person who enjoys a good joke and likes to laugh.

Today I am thankful for goof-offs. Emily jumped up from the behind the counter and scared the living daylights out of me! I jumped and screamed. She said that that made her day. You're so awesome. 

Today I am trying to get my Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner room a little more ready for clients. It looks a little bare right now, but its getting there! I have to put in a few new lights and hang my supplement tray. I also have to put in two chairs with a table in between, so it will soon look more homey. (The chairs in there now are from the waiting know all the social distancing stuff and all.)

Today I stopped to look at the light coming in the front windows. Pause and enjoy the beauty of the world around you and where you are right now.

Today I looked down and thought how far these feet have taken me. Today they took me 9,431 steps. Most of which were back and forth here in the office.

Today I look at this picture and see fatigue and pain on my face. I am so tired I can hardly hold my eyes open. So glad to go home now. It's been a long day. Reference number of steps above :) I also see my name tag that I forgot to leave at work. Ha.

Today I am loving the weather and my car. All windows down and radio up. Hair flying in the wind. So good. Especially after a long day inside.

Today I am so looking forward to putting my slippies on. That's our new word for slippers, started by my dear son Kyle.

Today I thought a vodka with some club soda and pineapple juice sounded really refreshing. And it was. Reminds me of summer and the beach and Hawaii. Ah...relax now.

Today I went outside and sat in the sunshine by our gas fire pit with my drink. We just got this finished, and I am SO LOVING IT. Not sure what our gas bill will be this month, but it's awesome sitting out here in the sun with the fire going. It won't be when it's 95 degrees, but it's great now. And that's all that matters.

Settled in for some Suits again. Can't wait to finish season 5. Tired of this season and can't wait to get to Season 6.

Thanks for joining in on the fun. Have a great day!

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