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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Week In The Life Day 2

May 12, 2020

Today started off REALLY early, like 3:30, maybe 4:00? My left shoulder kept waking me up. The pain is terrible. I am not sure what flares it up because I have quit doing anything that bothers it. No push-ups. No overhead press. No chest flys. No nothing. After tossing and turning for awhile and not being able to find a comfortable position, I finally gave up on the thought of going back to sleep and got up around 4:45. I got my one cup of coffee and settled in to my documentation of yesterday. I knew because it was so early that I was going to want another cup (because I always do when its 5am) so I drank half then reheated the other half at 6:00. I've found that works pretty good at tricking my brain into thinking I've had two cups.

Around here we love our Keurig.  Kevin and I like different strengths of coffee, and this allows us each to brew our own type and strength. Also it's hot each and every cup (although Kevin still puts his in the microwave for 30 seconds!).

Around here when I am sitting at my computer first thing in the morning, this is the light that comes through the front window. I really enjoy watching the sunlight and the day open up. It's a great way to start the day.

Around here these are the tidbits of life. This is the pile of magazines that has been on my desk for MONTHS...literally, if not a year. It's ridiculous. I just never seem to take the time to read them to get them off of the table. As a matter of fact, I put them on the table to force myself to read them but that just never happened. Just get on with it Jen!! Today I moved them off of the table for my meeting with Gina and moved them upstairs with all of my others books and schoolwork. So maybe now it will get done!

Around here, since my shoulder is hurting so bad, I am doing a stabilization workout. This includes some heavy weights, but only to hold not really to lift. Well except for with my legs. It includes things like ball squats and single leg dead lifts. I try to modify my workouts depending on what's hurting right now, and this is my adaptation. Hope it doesn't hurt my shoulder more...


Around here, this is the view out of our back window. Seems we planted our annuals a LITTLE early this year :) as we have had frost like three nights over the last week. Thus the sheets covering them. What a pain in the butt. I checked the two week forecast when we planted them, and the temperature was above freezing for all of it. So obviously that changed, and we've been covering ever since. Luckily after today there's no chance for the next two weeks. But I thought that last time...

Around here, after uncovering all of the plants, I went to get my shower and paused to enjoy the sunlight coming in the windows of the bedroom. So great...

Around here, things have been a little weird with COVID-19 going on, and Kyle has been unable to find an internship. So for right now he is mowing for Jeff and trying to keep busy. Sometimes that just means watching Sopranos with Kevin, working out, and playing Xbox. But what else is there really to do...

Around here at 9:00 am, Kevin and Kyle left to do work at Jeff's. Kevin is helping him cut down two trees, and Kyle if mowing.

One tree down! Only one more to go!

Meanwhile, around here, I fixed myself some Raspberry Tea from Charleston Tea Plantation and started prepping Gina's folder for her visit today. Man this stupid folder is a lot of work! 

Around here, the boys enjoyed a little Skyline today for a late lunch at Jeff's. Man, they love Skyline. And since the restaurants have been closed, they have not gotten to enjoy it as much as they would like...which is about once a week. Takeout for the win!

 Around here, Kevin is thinking about going and getting CO2 laser on his face. He had an appointment today with the doc. But he has some things to do before the procedure and now he's thinking of waiting until fall. He has to go get two COVID-19 tests, He has to go get an EKG and then after the procedure, he cannot go in the sun for a month. And Kevin spends all of his time out in the yard all summer, so I don't think that's going to work. But we'll see.

Around here, while I am waiting on Gina to show up, I am working on a card for Karli's birthday this weekend. And Jack and Billy Joel are keeping me company. So much love for scrapbooking and card making. It's my happy place. both in the room and my brain.

Around here, this is about what Ohio's reopening plan is like. It's ridiculous. It was supposed to be a phasing in of stuff opening, but basically, when the governor said he was doing this, everybody just started going out. Hope that doesn't spike the curve.

Around here, I'm getting ready for practice client appointment! Getting all of my ducks in a row. And my paperwork and cheat sheets out.

Around here, I finished up my 4th meeting with practice client and it went good. Just REALLY long. Like 2 hours long! It doesn't help that we are friends and coworkers so get to chatting about other stuff. I am going to have to learn to shorten this up some because I cannot have this long of a visit in real practice. Stuff to work on.

Around here, after all of the stuff today, my brain is fried. So went and joined Kevin at the fire pit and relaxed for a few before class tonight. Man I love this fire pit. And so glad we got it working this year.

Around here, I have Zoom class on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30. Kevin surprised me with takeout Thai for dinner after class. This is Khua Kling which is ground chicken and a bunch of herbs and spices.Yum...

Around here, it's time now to settle in for some Suits and a nice warm blanket. Love these times.

Thanks for joining. Have a great day!

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