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Monday, July 29, 2019

July Monthly Mix Challenge

A few days ago I made a few cards with an old Simon Says Stamp Card kit (from 2013!) leftovers that I still had. I made a few thinking of you cards as we have had quite a few friends get cancer in the last few weeks. One was prostate; one was breast; one was skin. My heart is saddened with this news. 

These cards I submitted to gina k. designs July monthly challenge called "Flag, You're It!" in which you were supposed to create cards with the colors of a flag. I of course chose the American flag because, well, it's just awesome! 

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Good Morning!

I was working on some scrapbook pages the other day and thought it would be a good time to post some of them here. I was working on some Ali Edwards Story Kit layouts, primarily Breathe and Wild (which is a kit from a few years ago).

This first layout is my Project Life layout with the Breathe kit. This particular week we were in Hawaii. Our kids had been there the prior week so my husband and I were alone which was kind of weird after having the movement and noise and busyness with the kids, actually it was kind of lonely. It is amazing how lonely you can feel even when you're around people. My heart hurt with missing them. But we still had a great time exploring the island and finding new out of the way places to see or eat.

I used the Breathe cards and puffy hearts that come in the kit. In this first page, I stamped the date using my rolling date stamp on the "Just Breathe" card. For the top right photo, there was a 3x4 card in the kit that said gasp in the center, and I cut that out as a caption which fit perfectly. 

I mean who doesn't gasp at that view. 

That particular night, we got quite a few stunning pictures of the coast and of the sunset. Also, maybe had too many mai tais, but anyway...

The bottom right is a picture of the coast from the road up higher on the mountain. I trimmed a transparent card from the kit that says "Breathe in slowly gently deeply breathe out" and stapled it to the front. It is very much what I try to do when I am there. Breathe in the beauty and warm air and sunshine. It's so great.

The middle pictures are my Snapchat on St. Patrick's Day to Karli, love the green hearts over my head. The middle picture is of a lunch Kevin and I had in Hawi. They did not have anything to drink so Kevin ran over the gas station and got us a beer, but the only beer they had were these HUGE ones which makes for quite a funny picture. The picture on the right is the beautiful beach we went to a couple of times close to our condo. It was quiet, relaxing, warm, and even had some sea turtles around.

As you notice on some of the pictures, I used some labels from a previous kit and cut them up to create journaling blocks on my pictures, added an asterisk or star from the kit, stapled on a puffy heart and called it good. Just get your story told. That is the most important part. 

The second page was the same formula. I stapled a puffy heart and added the "be mindful" chipboard to the top left photo. We parked and then hiked quite a ways to see King Kamehameha's birthplace and a sacred heiau. It was a beautiful hike along the coast with no one around. We did have two puppies that found us and wanted to hike with us which was fun. 

Top right was our visit to the neighborhood close to Pahoa where the lave flowed through the neighborhood and destroyed a number of homes. Luckily I don't think anyone was killed but what a breathtaking thing. That wall of lava was massive. It was probably 20 feet high. On that picture I  stapled a puffy heart and added some of the label stickers. Bottom left is just the view from our balcony at the resort with two chipboard pieces layered and a green label. Bottom right is a picture of the view from where we were relaxing before our flight home. It doesn't get much better than that.

The middle photos are a picture and explanation of the injury to my knee. I stepped off the side of the road and my ankle twisted and I fell on the lave. It chewed up my knee pretty good as you can see. Obviously, middle picture is another snapchat with my girl. And right picture is our really tanned selves at the airport before leaving.

And that finishes that week in PL. Stories told and life documented. 


This next project will go in my Travel album and is a documentation of the entire two weeks. I started  with an 8.5x11 picture of the sunset. I stamped Hawaii with Ali Edwards Sans Serif Alpha Stamp ( Above that I put the "just breathe" from the Breathe story kit and a cork heart on top of an old Heidi Swapp star.

On these next pages, I used the Wild story kit with a few additions from my stash to fill in the pockets. This page is from the first few days on the island with the kids. Kyle got burned the first day so had to protect his shoulders with his shirt to keep them from getting further burned. We took a snorkeling trip up the Kohala coast which was so much fun. Kyle and I got to hear the whales singing which was truly so cool. On the ride home, we were blasting all of the kids favorite rap songs and singing along. Ah, these wonderful memories.

Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to hang out with these two. It makes me so happy to see them and talk to them and appreciate how awesome they are as adults. So great. Life is flying by and I really enjoyed this week with them. Life changes so fast and this was just a treasure for me.

Next up was the documentation of our trip down the steepest road in Hawaii down into Waipio Valley. What an adventure that was! The road is only about 3/4 of a mile long but is a 25% grade with parts being 45%. The road takes you down 900 feet to the valley floor. It was a thoroughly exhausting workout but so much fun. Kyle and I hiked to a waterfall once we got down there and tasted some truly delicious clean and ice cold water. 

I used the journal cards from the Wild kit to document this story. I also used some labels from Ali Edwards that came in another kit and used them as journaling labels. As you can see, there are random stars and chipboard pieces that were in my loose pieces box that I added to some of the pictures. When I was going through all of my stuff looking for embellishments, I found these great hearts with the gold writing on them too. I can't remember which kit these are from but it was another story kit from AE.

Here is Kyle on our way back up. What a great picture. I printed this out 6x8 and put the plastic wild on top with one of the branches from the Wild kit on the left side. I added a Just Awesome label to the right side.

 A rainbow from the resort with chipboard embellishments at the bottom. I layered some patterned paper behind the diamond chipboard to give it a little depth and help it stand our from the picture.

Same formula here on the 9x12 page. Pictures of the kids by the pool with a gold heart and at our family dinner out with a label and a star. Karli and I on Ali'i Drive while the boys played golf. My Wild journaling card documenting what we did each day. Kyle standing on the beach with "super good times" stamped at the top. Another sunset pic with wild stamped on it. Family picture with a cork butterfly and a  chipboard label. And lastly, palm trees swaying in the wind for the win.

For this set of pictures, I used some numbered triangle flags for three of the pictures and stamped an expression from the wild stamp set on the top next to the flag. These were just some of mu favorite landscape pictures from the trip which is what I wrote on the journaling card. Loved Hawaii and the landscape and the beauty. 

This page was kind of a wrap up of some extra pictures from when the kids were here. First up is another sunset pic, I can't seem to get enough of those! A family pic with thankful stamped at the top and a chipboard piece underneath. A picture of the cloudy skies that creep in just about every afternoon. A picture of my husband at the pool bar having an afternoon drink which is the norm for us. A card from the kit with an asterisk at the top. A picture of the road we hiked up the Kohala coast. My journaling card at the bottom discussing how thankful I am for the opportunity to have a family vacation. Karli is out of the house now so for us to be able to get together for a week is so totally awesome. And lastly, a picture of Karli on the beach with a heart on top. I am loving the ease of this formula and the products from AE that make documenting these types of trips easy.

This page is kind of a documentation of what Kevin and I did after the kids left. The journaling card label on the bottom left pictures documents all of our adventures that week. I intentionally put two pics of Kevin and I and three pics of my legs or feet somewhere. I thought that typified what our week looked like. On the top right is a card from the kit that say "wild and free" which was fitting. And the 3x4 card says "Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?", and I wrote, "I am going to love and lose and risk and win and fight for myself and others less fortunate and travel and look for God in all that I see and ENJOY every moment of my one wild and precious life."

This page says goodbye for now in AE black 1-inch letters with a leftover heart from Week In The Life. This picture is one of my favorites I think. The stormy looking sky with the gorgeous yellow red and purple. Just WOW. 

Thanks for checking in and have a great day!