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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Thoughts for Today

As I read this Instagram post from Lindsay Bateman a few days ago (you can find her at, I was struck by how true this is. 

When I was young, there were certain things that I couldn't live without, mainly distance from my family and someone to love me. However, as I have gotten older, I have learned the power of grace and forgiveness to those flawed individuals in my family as I have grown up and realized how flawed I am. I now want to close the distance to share in their lives and them in mine. Life is so short and things change so quickly. I have been given grace without bounds from the Lord and wish to pass that on in whatever way that I can. 

I have also learned that love is an undulating thing. Sometimes I am more in love and sometimes less, but I have realized that it is always a choice. Because it IS a choice rather than an emotion. I have learned that just someone to love me is not enough anymore. I want someone with a deep affection for me and a desire to know me, the inner person that I am and the things that I struggle with. I want to have discussions that involve more than what I did today and how the weather was. That is what I am in love with now. Length and width of life. Life is so much more than day to day frivolous things with no lasting significance. Because that's the goal isn't it, to establish some lasting significance in this life you have been gifted with.

When you get to the end of your life, what will you say? That I had wealth/things, that I had superficial relationships, that I drank too much, watched TV too much, spent too much time online engaged in other people's lives? Or will you say that I loved too much, read the Bible and prayed too much, cared too much, got to know (really know) my friends and family, spent too much time/money on others less fortunate, did without so others could have, spread grace and forgiveness and the story of God's love and redemption? 

Which will it be?

That is lasting significance my friends.

I hope to have new and amazing journeys in this season of life. Ones that will challenge me in ways that are uncomfortable to me but that will make me grow in ways I never thought. I hope to let go of some of the fear that has paralyzed me much of my life. I hope to step out in faith and trust God to catch and sustain me. I hope to find deep joy and satisfaction from a life lived trying to find the next thing I can do to honor God. As John Piper says, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him."

Here's to being satisfied in Lord. 

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