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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What's Real Right Now

What's real right now: I still have not fully recovered from my visit with my family almost a month ago. I can't seem to catch up on my rest.

What's real right now: We have been trying to help out my dear SIL do some home improvements, which have been left for far too long. This past weekend, Kevin cut down 14 trees in her backyard. We cleaned her house for her, dusted and vacuumed and straighten and cleaned bathrooms. She had an accident five years ago and has recently had some health issues related to that, so she has been unable to get around easily for a few months now.

What's real right now: We just had carpet laid but it was an adventure in waiting and moving furniture and taking beds apart and then putting them back together again. The carpet guy just could not seem to show up when he said he was, so it was frustrating. But a week and a half later, its all in and looks great!

What's real right now: I am still debating going back to college for an Exercise Science degree, but the cost is just so much. 

What's real right now: Kyle is working and hanging out with friends so much that I NEVER see him. Maybe an hour a day. We laugh and say that his car does't even have time to get cold. Boy, does he burn up the road.

What's real right now: I have four rooms that need painting: downstairs bedroom, kitchen, Karli's room, and laundry room.

What's real right now: Karli is gearing up for her exams that start in a few weeks. She is very stressed and anxious about them.

What's real right now: I woke up at 4:30 this morning. (Not helping with the catching up on sleep thing.)

What's real right now: I am still trying to purge a bunch of stuff, so I have listed quite a few things on eBay. And they are selling! I love that. I hate to throw things away that still have a life. I would prefer to give it, or sell it cheaply, to someone who will use it.

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