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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I know, it's been forever since my last post, but I have had a lot going on. I have, at 41 years old, enrolled in college. Yeah, go figure. I AM a little old for this, but it's never too late! Anyway, I decided to go to Concordia St. Paul online because it was the one that worked the best with my schedule, budget, and was actually a legitimate degree. (I found a number of online school that issued a degree that was not even worth the paper it was written on! Imagine spending all that money and not even getting a legit degree!!!) So school starts on May 10, and I have found college has changed A LOT since I went way back when. There is definitely a learning curve as this is all online, and I have to log in with Webex and post to discussion boards. So figuring that all out has been an adventure.

I was recently having a discussion with a friend that asked why go back to school now? (Seeing as how we have one in college right now and one going to college in the next year.) And my reply was that I have been wanting to do this for about 7 years now and have been praying and praying about it. And, truth be told, afraid of it. College is hard, and I am not as young as I was the last time I attended college. As well as, I have a life now, with a husband and kids and a home to run. However, the first time this came up, instead of pursuing it, I chose a job at the mall. I quit that job about a year later because it was taking a lot of time away from my family on the weekend. I revisited the college issue. Then got offered a job at a local lunch spot. So I did that for about a year. Then I got let go from that. I revisited the college issue again. But decided to work as a server at lunch. Then I had an accident which ended that job. So, the question becomes, is God trying to tell me that college is the way to go by ending all the other options? I am not sure. I only know that I have prayed fervently for the Lord's guidance and direction in my life. So is this the answer to my prayer? Is this the way God wants me to go? I am not sure. But a friend of mine told me the other day that when God asks you to jump off of a cliff, He either catches you or gives you wings to fly. So here's to jumping off a cliff!

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